Orochi is a shapeshifting being that is sporadically encountered by the crew of the Paul Cézanne. He/she/it often takes human form, but is known to alter their appearance, seemingly at will. He/she can conjure small temporary objects and cast convincing illusions. As he/she is combating boredom, Orochi partakes of as much sensory stimulation as possible. He/she can only remain corporeal for short periods before disappearing.

Investigations have revealed that Orochi's life force inhabits the reactor complex of the Paul Cézanne. Fusion reactors are designed to facilitate the creation and sustainment of plasma elementals, as they catalyze the fusion reaction. The reactor matrix on large scale vessels like the Cézanne are very energetic and complex. They also operate over long periods of time. Over the 20 year service life of the Vessel, Orochi has developed from a choatic elemental to a complex intelligence.

Orochi, as a complex being, gets bored in confined settings. As human beings are the closest intelligent life, he/she has learned to mimic their form. Mages believe the process of forming his/her shell required tremendous focus and concentration. As best as can be measured, given the sporadic nature of the phenomenon, it is believed that Orochi focuses a tremendous amount of energy into an ephemeral form that resembles matter. Reactor output drops when Orochi's physical form is active.

Observations of Orochi have revealed that the Sun is apparently inhabited with countless similar life forms. Traces of similar life processes have also been discovered in tectonically active areas of the Earth's crust. Particularly in Japan.