Welcome to Etoyoc.com! The personal vanity domain of Sean Woods: author, software engineer, and 3d artist. This site is also a showcase for ToadHttpd, a webserver engine that I've written from scratch.

3d Art

Many folks who stumble onto this site are here for my 3d art. The actually showcase is mainly on my Etsy Store. I sometimes discuss the technical details of how I produce my widgets, sculptures, (and most especially) yarn bowls in the art section of my blog.

TTRPG and Book Series

Other folks may be here to find out more about either the book series I am working on, or the table top role playing game (TTRPG) that I am building that is set in the same Universe. I have a sub-blog about the Sublight Universe.

Software Engineering

I am a professional software engineer. I work for Test & Evaluation Solutions, as the guy who maintains their Expert System which implements the Integrated Recoverability Model. Much of that work is in C and Tcl. In the Tcl community I occasionally help out the Core group, and I'm mainly known as the guy who spearheaded adding ZipFS support to the core.

Links of interest for software engineering:

Everything Else...

But of course, this site has a lot more to offer too:

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