I've decided it is best to align specialist abilities with the magic system I developed in Mind / Soul / Will Magic System. A few names got switched around. For starters, the Specialists are now a human form of Artificially Enhanced Life Form, (AELF). There are animal varieties, and even plants forms of AELF.

The special abilities I have lined up roughly correspond with tropes from popular culture and ancient lore. Or at least the ones that I can shoehorn into my magic system. The reason Specialists can be endowed with magical abilities is because magical abilities are actually learned. And because a Specialist wakes up with an entire lifetime of experience, well, think of how far the development of supernatural powers could go if you had one line of specialists training for generations to hone a set of skills?

Remember though, Specialists aren't genetic clones. They are soul clones. The take a random healthy Zygote and then project a hologram of the person who they want to copy. That hologram shapes how the zygote grows, until they are a functional copy of the person. Albeit younger.

Specialists have "lines" that generally start with a single talented individual who was first imaged because of a skill the possessed. Over time specialists derived from that individual train and gain their own experiences. A specialist who learns a new skill starts a new line. So there are family trees of specialists where lifetimes of work can be carried into different directions in parallel. These lines evolved into schools with on or more "Patron Saints" whose souls were used to found it.

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