Yet Another Space Trader Game

I am a bit tired of games that are geared to making me go out and buy a new game console or purchase a dedicated gaming machine, just to see pretty visuals and crawl through dungeons. And then finding that nothing that you did actually changes the story.

I'm getting old. Games that require reflexes and reaction time suck at my age. I'm also past the point in my life where I have countless hours to grind a game for points. It's nice to have something to play that I can have a tv show going on in the background, or hold a conversation with the Mrs. over. So something turn based.

I really loved the old space trader style of games. But I also enjoy games with character building. I also cherish rich interactions with other characters. I'd like a turn based mechanism for skill checks and combat.

The high concept I've come up with

I think I'll even have three different flavors depending on what faction you decide to play.

"The Krasnovians" are a xenophobic authoritarian regime, who have hired you to operate a spy cell disguised as a shipping company. You'll recruit special forces troops with various supernatural abilities. However team-building is never one of them. Management is also loathe for your organization to gain much in the way of fame or notoriety. Because that leads to questions that will expose you. Advantage: Powered By Communism(tm). Disadvantage: You get a lot of non-negotiable missions, and getting fired cuts more than your career short.

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