Over a podcast the other day, I was relating my absolute failure in producing an AI story teller. This was after watching yet another one of those efforts where someone runs a genre of stories through a learning engine and publishing the dubious output.

As it turns out (to my disappointment) these stories are not real. Ok, they were fiction. But I mean not real in the sense that a computer was actually making them. They are the product of a comedian.

But the idea did get me to briefly dust off the old code for Project of Gilgamesh. That project suffered from a bump in Apple's operating system making Tk unusable for about 6 months. In my scramble to re-write the engine I had started porting it over to HTML to make it Apple-Proof. But then I ran across the problem that the engine really, really liked to have a dynamic element that was running on the server.

My latest thought was to